Our supporters

"By supporting this project, we at Huppenkothen can not only promote young, innovative talent, but indirectly also the digital progress of an entire industry!"

"Such dedication to a project is very rare. That's why we at Beckhoff Automation are very proud to be able to support Team Sodex with their project."

"We at Rhomberg Bau are pleased to be able to support an innovative topic that is so close to us with our network and know-how."

"We at Leica Geosystems are happy to support Sodex. We wish all the best and much success for the implementation of this great and trend-setting project!"

"Entrepreneurship needs to be supported - especially innovative & promising projects like SODEX - we are very proud to be able to contribute to this! 

"We are thrilled with the level of professionalism & commitment you guys work with! We are proud to support such an ambitious team!"

"As the first point of contact for company founders in Vorarlberg, we are enthusiastic about this business idea, but especially about the ambition and motivation, and are happy to support Sodex."

"Sodex's great passion for technology coincides with our company values, which is why it was easy for us to agree to support them."

"We support and encourage young engineers in all disciplines. We support the SODEX team in the areas of project management, cost and resource planning."

"As an educational institution, we support the Sodex team with all our possibilities so that this great project idea can be further developed and lived."

"The construction site can still be very dangerous. Sodex's approach can lead to a significant increase in safety and is very promising or worthy of support."

"Young ideas and innovations are the future of us all - we are there and happy to support!"

"We are particularly pleased to be able to support innovative ideas in the field of industry and digitalisation. It is precisely these minds that we and our region will need in the future."

"We support young entrepreneurs who have the pioneering spirit to meet the challenges of the 21st century. That's why we support the Sodex team."

"We are convinced of the basic idea, the autonomous operation of construction machinery, and are happy to support the Sodex team in its realisation."

"As an innovative company, we would like to support Sodex's innovations."

"For us, it is important to promote such projects by already thinking about tomorrow today."

"Sodex is smart and innovative. As Vorarlberg's energy service provider, we have seen many pioneers - Sodex has what it takes to join that list."

"Using the latest technology in training is quite essential, which is why we are happy to support Sodex."

"Following the motto - Exciting times ahead and exciting prospects - setting out for new ideas, we are pleased to be able to support such an innovative start-up as Sodex."

"We think the idea of Sodex is very interesting and innovative. We are therefore happy to support the Sodex team with the software architecture and algorithms."

"Makita is happy to support modern and forward-looking projects like Sodex. Good luck!"

"As the ambitious team of Sodex shows entrepreneurial spirit and the innovative control concept fits perfectly to us, we are happy to support this project."

"As an innovative company, we are happy to support projects like Sodex, which combines innovation and efficiency in the best possible way."

"VOGRIN data projection supports Sodex to make sure your innovative development and inventiveness comes across properly at events."

"We are happy to support innovative aspiring technicians in product development. We hope the SODEX team enjoys developing the automated excavator."

"Starting small for a big idea is how we see the Sodex project and we are happy to support innovative ideas with our TECHMALUX machine luminaires."

"We are impressed by your courage to found a start-up with an innovative product in this time.
Happy to support you as an electronics manufacturing company."