Our Team!


Ralf Pfefferkorn, Raphael Ott, Bernhard Gantner and Justin Kriss work together to create Sodex. How exactly do you see here:


Ralf Pfefferkorn

„The Sodexler“

Ralf set the trigger for this project with the idea and mostly takes care of the management and the machine programming. However, he is available for software or hardware solutions.


Raphael Ott

„The Robotics Guru“

Raphael is the second team member from the beginning. He is the man behind our robotics software. Often, his calculations come in hours of work on a sheet of paper, ultimately creating just a few lines of code.


Bernhard Gantner 

„The Allrounder“

Bernhard joined our project in mid-2018. His main tasks are the hardware and the maintenance of our public accounts. When he's not developing a driver control or anything like that, he's creating designs or images for our public works.


Justin Kriss 

„The International“

Justin is our only team member, which is not stationed in Vorarlberg. He mainly looks after our website and various other software solutions. Despite the great distance, he tries to support us as much as possible.