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A world where jobsites are done much faster. A world where operators do not have to sit in the hot cabins forever. A world that does not require complex planning of construction. A simpler world. That's the vision of Sodex.

We are developing an autonomous excavator to create this world.

Sodex is a project of four ambitious students who want to change the world as we know it.

Everything is being automated to make people's lives easier. The construction industry is often forgotten in this area. That is why Sodex wants to make the first step in the right direction, worksite 4.0. Boring routine work should be replaced by complex and intelligent control and become more efficient.



With an excavator which reads the necessary data and digs the desired hole, the complexity of the construction project is significantly simplified. The hole does not have to be measured and staked out. The excavator can start immediately according to plan.



An autonomous excavator on the construction site clearly shortens the construction phases and increases efficiency and speed on the construction site. This is made possible by automation using software that calculates the fastest way. The monitoring and control can perform one person even for several excavators at the same time.


Construction Site 4.0

While almost all automation has taken place in industry, there is no automation in the construction industry yet except for modern logistics systems and complex planning tools. That's why we set ourselves the goal of automating one of the most widely used construction machines, the excavator, and thus creating a first milestone for construction site 4.0.