Software Driven Excavator

For the revolution of an entire industry

Sodex develops a system with which excavators can work autonomously

So that in future excavating will only run in the background.

Construction Site 4.0

In the modern world, everything is improved, automated and simplified for people. Even driving a car will happen on its own in the near future. But in the construction industry, the change is only creeping in. We, a young team from Vorarlberg, have made it our mission to bring this sector into the future as well. Our idea of the construction site 4.0 is one in which an excavator can build the foundations of the buildings of the future without any physical effort or great human influence.


Since Sodex started as a diploma thesis at the HTL Rankweil, we are constantly working on our product. In the meantime some time has passed and we could already celebrate some successes. Here you can find the overview of every important milestone and achievement.

Our team

The construction industry is versatile. Just like the work area of Sodex. Four different departments are staffed by motivated people who want to make Sodex the leading company in the automated construction industry. Hardware, Software, Coordination and Marketing. These areas form the four pillars of Sodex.


Our goal is to develop a system that equips existing equipment for the future. The hardware and software is developed in such a way that no excavator has to be taken out of service. It is adaptable to any excavator and is continuously improved. Starting with a model excavator, it already adorns a 3-tonne excavator. And the journey is not over yet ...

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These companies support us

We were happy to support and accompany the Sodex project from the very beginning. The positive response at "2 Minutes 2 Mentors" shows that the path we have taken together and the joint plans for the future are heading in the right direction. The Sodex project addresses a challenge that will continue to occupy the construction industry intensively. That is why we are proud to be involved in such a promising idea.